Welcome to North Summit Productions! We appreciate your visit and hope you enjoy having a look around. We’re a video production company based in Kingston Ontario Canada, with humble beginnings filming in harsh mountain weather. We absolutely love filming in challenging conditions. From working at -30°C in the snow for extended periods, to operating far off the grid on solar, that passion for filmmaking when the going gets tough has been a big influence in our determination and the rising standards we set for ourselves, as we continuously learn and push towards higher production value.


We're a boutique video production company that loves to tell a good story. Our gear is always well-prepped between shoots and passports are on hand, ready for just about everything from your next adventure off the grid, to your local event around the corner. Whether it's hauling gear up a mountain, or getting to the heart of your story in an interview, we have a broad range of filming and video editing services to suit your needs. Feel free to check out our portfolio for examples.


The process we take is actually pretty straightforward. Plan, shoot, edit, review, share and enjoy... infused with lots of careful thought, creativity and communication along the way. That's just part of the equation though. In order to help tell a compelling story, it's important for clients to bring their own passion to the table. If you're genuinely stoked about what you're doing, it resonates more with others. Bring your A game and we'll amp it up!